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MiraBox USB 3.0 HDMI Game Capture Card - review

At ParsTV we use an Elgato video game capture card in situations where we are unable to use power at away grounds.

Recently we had an issue with the Elgato interface on Vmix (recreating the configuration solved the issue). However I decided to look at getting a spare video capture device as well as potentially using it to connect two cameras.
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Calendar download to mobile or desktop

Are you looking to have your online database export dates suited to your customers individual needs, then get hold of our simple iCal data export module.
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Fake Emails and warnings

Just a reminder that you have to be very wary of all `legitimate looking emails coming in !

for example "" Warning: Verification Needed For email address"
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Corresponding .uk domain names

Almost 5 years ago Nominet released the ability to have `` and if you had a you had first choice of the domain name for example, I have `` and I also recently registered ``.

When .UK was launched on 10 June 2014 the rights were reserved for many existing customers owning a,,,, or to their equivalent .uk domain.

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Pemalink web addresses

I`ve been implementing and updating websites for some considerable years using the standard URL addresses for accessing content.

I`d heard of the newer methods for enhancing the addresses in particular helping with SEO. SO it was time to look into how this is done. The image shown shows `award-winning-products` as the permalink address from [the Q Guild of Butchers ] website.
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What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 4

Having reviewed the previous steps to build up a simple set of Ajax calls it became apparent that things were getting rather complex, with the complexity multiplying with further actionsthat needed to be added.

To overcome this the commands can be combined into one ajax call with the command and data passed into it.
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What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 3

So far we have seen a simple event occurring on a web page, an animated gif indicating some action is being taken and then some response returned and displayed on your page.

Our next step will be to type in some data in an input box and respond to the data on each key click. In this example we wish you to type in a town name and validate it against ones in our list.

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What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 2

The first part of my tutorial was very basic and I intend to follow through some further steps to enhance the users view of data input and selection.

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What is AJAX ? a simple tutorial - Part 1

Ajax is [A]synchronous [J]avaScript [A]nd [X]ML.
Ajax allows you to update a section on your page without having to reload the complete page. You can dynamically check data with a simple set of functions. These functions send data to the server, get a response back and update the page with that information.

I have a test page setup that shows the effects of dynamic updates with data from the server without re-loading the whole page. [ click here for the Online form sample ]

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phpChart examples

Today I`m looking into using phpChart to create some graphs for some websites. I thought I`d take some notes while I did this.

For example I have a Scottish Championship League table that would benefit from showing graphs.

To get started I download free phpChart Lite
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Auction Web site

I was working on an Auction web site last year to try and help make it easier to auction items. I got sidelined on another task but I have recently revamped the site to help make it easier to use.

The purpose of the website was originally aimed at Sportmen`s Dinner where there are a number of items to auction and the need to get out to a wider audience.

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User Input steps

Are you needing an online form, quotation input, sales information or to collect user input or orders on your web site. Check out our simplified functions that can be used on your site

Why not ask us for a free quote to help you get your website data collection procedures updated. Whether it is just a simpliefied online form or some complex data input to allow customers provide the information required.

The forms are also able to print a unique barcode on each form.

We are based in Dunfermline, Fife so why not give us a call or email to let us know your requirements

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Data Centre issues resolved

Overnight there seemed to be some data centre problems. Both servers were not accessible.

The problem was eventually resolved by the the data center support team.

Apologies for the short down time.
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PHP install notes

If you need to install a later version of PHP on a fresh server then you can do so from another repo.

As, in your case php is provided by rh-php56-php-cli, you need to install needed extensions, from the same repository (centos-sclo) and in the same namespace (rh-php56):

yum install rh-php56-php-mbstring

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SSL Certificates for your website

SSL certifcates are now a must on a web site nowadays to ensure enhanced security. Hackers and spammers are everywhere and always trying to break into web sites. Security is now a prime factor when managing web sites.

You don`t need to pay £50 - £100 for a certificate, why not get a low cost certificate from 2mx for £20 per year when you host with us.

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The need for a secure password

With the amount of hackers and spammers about today you would think that having a reasonably secure password would be the sane thing to do? Having the same password as the username is not very adviseable. It does not take hackers long to break into a system.

Sadly, this has just happened to one of our clients on our server. Unfortunately this affects all users, for this we apologise for mail sending issues.
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Domain Name Registration

We have over 100 domains under our control for a variety of clients. The domain Name is the means to using your web site or access email. Our three servers provide a cost effective means to manage your websites and email.

We are members of Nominet and use for all other domain registrations for all you domain name needs.

We joined Nominet in 1996 and have been involved in domain registrations for the past 21 years, almost as long as the internet was born !

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Web sites getting attacked

It certainly seems to be the case that the attackes on web sites are increasing.

Over recent weeks we have seen a number of attacks which caused the server databases to hang up. These attacks are multiple accesses to the web site attempting to break in. Fortunately we have been able to contain these attacks.
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Usefull Tips

Quite often I come across useful links related to web sites and servers. I`m listing them here for my benefit as well as info for anybody else.
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Magento Shop tips

Some info I use about magento shop
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